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This FAO/WHO Acrylamide in Food Network was established as a result of the June 2002 FAO/WHO Consultation on the health Risks of Acrylamide in Food. The consultation recommended that an international network on acrylamide in food should be established inviting all interested parties to share relevant data as well as ongoing investigations.

Network Purpose

This network functions as a global resource and inventory of ongoing research on acrylamide in food. It includes formal research, surveillance/monitoring and industry investigations, etc. Any interested party may submit information, and it is hoped that government agencies, research institutions, industry and others will share information via the network.

Description of Network Content

This network website currently comprises:

  • An interactive database of researchers/data providers
  • References for research published elsewhere

In future the following will be included:

  • Information update about the current status of research efforts; and
  • FAO/WHO updates on information relevant to the health risk of acrylamide in food

FAO/WHO Ongoing Efforts on Acrylamide in Food INFONET UPDATES

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The network also serves as a discussion forum for active researchers and others in the field. It aims to identify gaps and overlaps in available research/information, and make suggestions for how these could be addressed. Information on these aspects will be posted on this network website.

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