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FAO/WHO Ongoing Efforts on Acrylamide in Food INFONET UPDATES

FAO/WHO have indicated:
  • that JECFA would conduct an assessment of acrylamide in food; and
  • information updates about the current status of research efforts will be part of the Acrylamide Infonet.
It is essential that sufficient information is available for JECFA review, and hence an important feature of the Infonet will be monitoring research and other data (such as on acrylamide levels in food), identifying gaps, and facilitating data generation to fill gaps where feasible.

To keep the Infonet dynamic with a two-way flow of information, FAO/WHO will provide Infonet Updates, which will be available to those providing information and the public. Infonet Updates will include:

  • factual summaries of the Research Projects database (i.e. what projects covering what topics)
  • research gaps, by comparing the above to the recommendations of the FAO/WHO Consultation
  • trend monitoring of acrylamide in food data, at the level of identifying gaps in data (foods/regions not covered), and consistency or not with the conclusions of the FAO/WHO Consultation
  • other issues may also be covered.

The Infonet Updates will not function as a vehicle to publish research findings or new detailed dietary intake assessments, as these must undergo adequate peer review such as via the scientific literature or, in the case of FAO/WHO, via an expert review process such as JECFA. However this monitoring will enable FAO/WHO to take any necessary steps in a timely fashion to deal with significant new findings and advise the public accordingly.

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