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Research Database

This database of research projects has been assembled to inform researchers and the public worldwide about projects relevant to acrylamide in food. It is a forward-looking collection, rather than a historical collection of all past work. It contains information on projects underway or planned from the establishment of the database in October 2002.

  • Click here if you would like to submit a new study for the Research Database.

  • To submit changes or corrections to an existing entry, please email us at Please ensure you specify the study's ID Number in the subject field of your email.

  • Click here if you would like to search the database.

  • Disclaimer - The inclusion or exclusion of a project in the research database does not constitute a specific qualification and does not give the project a special recognized status. The registration of the project does not create obligations of any kind by FAO, JIFSAN or WHO and it does not create the right to refer to FAO, JIFSAN and WHO or to use their logos in documents related to the project. Responsibility for the data record and its correctness lies with the registering person/institution.



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